OOI Data Lab Publications

The following publications have been created as part of the OOI Data Labs project. We hope you find them helpful in learning more about how OOI data can be into your courses.

Barr, J., C. Bean, and J. McDonnell (2020), Strategies for Running a Successful Virtual Career Panel , Oceanography, 33(2), doi:10.5670/oceanog.2020.220.

Greengrove, C., S. Lichtenwalner, H. Palevsky, A. Pfeiffer-Herbert, S. Severmann, D. Soule, S. Murphy, L. Smith, and K. Yarincik (2020), Using Authentic Data from NSF’s Ocean Observatories Initiative in Undergraduate Teaching: An Invitation, Oceanography, 33(1), doi:10.5670/oceanog.2020.103.

McDonnell, J., A. DeCharon, C. S. Lichtenwalner, K. Hunter-Thomson, C. Halversen, O. Schofield, S. Glenn, C. Ferraro, C. Lauter, and J. Hewlett (2018), Education and Public Engagement in OOI: Lessons Learned from the Field, Oceanography, 31(1), 138–146, doi:10.5670/oceanog.2018.122.

Hunter-Thomson, K., S. Lichtenwalner, and J. McDonnell (2017), Incorporating Observatory Data into Oceanography Courses, Eos (Washington. DC)., doi:10.1029/2017EO087369.

Presented Talks and Posters

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Related Education Publications

Hotaling, L., J. McDonnell, C. Ferraro, K. Florio, and S. Lichtenwalner (2018), Educating with data, in Exemplary Practices in Marine Science Education: A Resource for Practitioners and Researchers, Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-90778-9

McDonnell, J., S. Lichtenwalner, S. Glenn, C. Ferraro, K. Hunter-Thomson, and J. Hewlett (2015), The Challenges and Opportunities of Using Data in Teaching From the Perspective of Undergraduate Oceanography Professors, Mar. Technol. Soc. J., 49(4), 76–85, doi:10.4031/MTSJ.49.4.9.

Related OOI Science Publications

Levine, R. M., K. E. Fogaren, J. E. Rudzin, C. J. Russoniello, D. C. Soule, and J. M. Whitaker (2020), Open Data, Collaborative Working Platforms, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Building an Early Career Scientist Community of Practice to Leverage Ocean Observatories Initiative Data to Address Critical Questions in Marine Science, Front. Mar. Sci., 7, doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.593512.

Smith, L. M. et al. (2018), The Ocean Observatories Initiative, Oceanogr. Soc. Oceanogr. |, 31(1), 16–35, doi:10.5670/oceanog.2018.105.

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