Data Labs Project Team

Our team includes a number of undergraduate professors, data evangelists, and pedagogical specialists who are excited to bring together the Ocean Data Labs community.

  • Janice McDonnell (Rutgers University), PI
  • Sage Lichtenwalner (Rutgers University), Co-PI and Data Wrangler
  • Christine Bean (Rutgers University), Project Coordinator
  • Dax Soule (Queens College, CUNY), Wrangler of Ideas
  • Catherine Halversen (Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley), Wrangler of Pedagogy
  • Ellen Iverson (Carlton College), Project Evaluator
  • Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert (Stockton University)
  • Denise Bristol (Hillsborough Community College)
  • Brooke Love (Western Washington University)
  • Kristin Hunter-Thomson (Rutgers University)
  • Oscar Schofield (Rutgers University), Co-PI
  • Scott Glenn (Rutgers University)