OOI Ocean Data Labs

As part of this project, we will be sharing OOI educational data resources created by the community. Many of these will be developed by participants at our development workshops. These are the actual “labs” part of the OOI Ocean Data Labs project.

We are currently developing 3 kinds of resources:

  • Data Explorations – Quick (15-20 minute) data activities that include simple interactive data visualizations that you can easily integrate into your current classroom teaching.
  • OOI Nuggets – Suggested OOI datasets that are appropriate for educational discovery.
  • Python Data Notebooks – Guided Python notebooks to help students use and interact with OOI data. Can be used as classroom activities, homework, or for (simple or advanced) research projects.

In addition, you can check out some of the Lesson Plans developed and contributed by our community.

We’ve also been dabbling with Data Worksheets.

And in 2020, we developed and published the first version of our OOI Lab Manual, which is an integrated and compressive collection of data exploration, designed to support introductory oceanography courses.