OOI Data Python Notebooks

The Ocean Observatories Initiative and other Ocean Observing Systems provide a great opportunity to involve students in data analysis.

While online interactive widgets, like our Data Explorations, provide an easy entry point for students to use and learn from data, to gain a deeper understanding of oceanographic processes (let alone data analysis), it’s important that students also have an opportunity to interact with real data using code – as many of today’s oceanographers do.

Educational Notebooks

The Ocean Data Labs project is working with the community to develop prototype lessons and activities that use coding notebooks to engage students in data, and we hope to share more of those soon. But for now, you can check out the following notebooks we developed for our REU this past summer.

You can find more educational Python examples on our blog.

Data Processing Examples

While working our Data Explorations and training for other workshops, we developed a number of Python notebooks to demonstrate how to access, process, and visualization data from the OOI. We encourage you to check out these examples, and use them to develop your own lessons and activities to share with the community.