OOI Ocean Data Lab Professional Development Workshops

Are you interested in preparing your undergraduate students to interact with real-world data?

Then join our community of professors who are interested in engaging in science through the amazing on-line resources of the Ocean Observing Initiative (OOI). OOI data is now streaming in from the ocean research arrays to the broader community of scientists, professors, and students. The OOI is about a constant flow of data from the ocean to your classroom!

Why should I get involved?

  • Use the OOI to prepare students to address real world complex problems.
  • Learn how to use OOI to teach data skills and oceanographic concepts.
  • Motivate learning through student interest in real data from the OOI.
  • Discuss with your colleagues/peers how to interpret and evaluate the validity of data with students.

What opportunities are available?

We currently offer 2 kinds of workshops, depending on your level of interest:

  • 4.5 Day Development Workshops – Good for those who would like to learn how to develop their own OOI educational resources to use at home and share with the community.
  • Mini Workshops – For those who are interested in learning how to incorporate existing OOI educational resources into their classrooms.

OOI Ocean Data Lab Project Overview

The following graphic outlines the professional development opportunities the OOI Ocean Data Lab project will provide over the coming year to help you integrated OOI data into your classroom.

Previous Workshops

If your are interested in learning more about our previous workshops for educators and scientists, and the materials, examples and reports from each, please check out the following: