2018 Early Career Data Workshops

2018 OOI Data Workshop Biology

In the spring and summer of 2018, the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) hosted a series of 4 workshops for early-career scientists interested in learning more about the OOI and how to use data from the program in their work. The workshops focused on the development of programming, data analysis, and evaluation skills, and provided participants with an overview of the marine infrastructure and software tools maintained by the OOI. These workshops were held at Rutgers University.

More information about this workshop is available on the OOI website .

2018 OOI Data Workshop Geology

A GitHub repository was created for workshop information and contains the tutorials and example Python scripts presented during each of the workshops, as well as many of the handouts provided. In addition, participants at each workshop were asked to analyze data from a selection of OOI instruments and create a Data Quality Report with their findings.

The coding examples and participant reports can be found in the sub directory of GitHub repository for each of the corresponding workshops.