OOI Data Labs - 2019 Collection

These Data Explorations were developed by participants to the 2019 OOI Data Labs Development Workshops. Each topic has 1-3 activities that can be used with students to augment your teaching of the concept. Each activity generally focus on one phase of the Learning Cycle, so you can select the variations that work best with your teaching sequence and content/skill goals. An Instructors' Guide is also available for each topic below, which includes additional information and suggestions for how to incorporate the activities into your courses.

Anoxic Events March 2019

Explore the impact and interaction between the mid-depth ocean and coastal waters on fisheries

Instructors' Guide

Changes in Salinity March 2019

Explore processes that might affect sea surface salinity

Instructors' Guide

Chlorophyll-a in Upwelling and Stratified Temperate Regions June 2019

Explore seawater characteristics that are correlated with changes in primary productivity, particularly during the summer in the North Pacific vs. the North Atlantic

Instructors' Guide

Dynamic Air-Sea Interactions June 2019

Explore dynamic air-sea interactions from an interesting event

Instructors' Guide

Thermohaline Circulation June 2019

Explore the Thermohaline Circulation (conveyor belt) and NADW Formation in the Irminger Sea

Instructors' Guide

Rough Drafts

These Data Explorations are currently in development!

EPE Investigations

These are prototype activities developed several years ago as port of the early OOI Education effort. They feature a more complex format, wherein students piece together several datasets (i.e. pieces of "evidence") to answer an overarching challenge question.

Special thanks to all of our 2019 development workshop participants and staff who helped make these activities possible.