OOI Data Explorations

Screenshot of an interactive Data Exploration widget showing chlorophyll-a data from the OOI.Looking for ways to connect your undergraduates in introductory courses with authentic data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)?

What are Data Explorations?

The OOI Data Explorations provides a series of free online interactive data visualizations that make use of cutting-edge research datasets available from the OOI. Each exploration engages students in a quick (15-20 minute) activity, using datasets that were selected to augment concepts that are commonly taught in introductory oceanography courses. You can easily integrate these data activities into your courses, ideally as in-class group activities as part of an active-learning strategy. An Instructor Guide for each exploration is also available, and explains how each activity can be used to support a specific phase of the Learning Cycle.

The following Data Exploration collections were developed in 2016 and 2017 as part of a pilot project.

We are currently working on plans for the development of additional Data Explorations and faculty professional development workshops for 2019. For more information or questions, please contact us.