Exploring Properties of Seawater with OOI Data

Through these Data Explorations, you can dive deeper into properties of seawater. The properties of seawater explored include: salinity variations over time and space, processes that affect surface seawater salinity, changes in pH with depth, relationship between pH and oceanic pCO2 for the carbonate buffering system, variations in salinity with depth over time and space, and the depth of the halocline over time and space.

Data Explorations in this Collection

Seasonal Variation of Surface Salinity

Explore and analyze patterns in how surface salinity changes over time.

Processes that Change Salinity

Explore seawater characteristics of processes that are correlated with changes in salinity over time.

Changes in pH with Depth (updated 9/2021)

Explore and analyze patterns in how seawater pH changes with depth.

Changes in pH and pCO2 (updated 9/2021)

Explore and analyze patterns in seawater pH and pCO2 over time.

Changes in Salinity with Depth

Explore and analyze patterns in how salinity changes with depth over time.


Explore and analyze patterns in the location of the halocline over time.

If you are a professor and are interested in more information about ways to utilize these Data Explorations, check out the Instructor's Guide for these activities.