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Will you be attending the Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans this year? If so, we hope you’ll check out the following talks and posters by OOI Data Labs community members. All of these will feature first-hand accounts from faculty who have used the OOI Lab Manual or OOI Data Explorations in their classrooms. We hope you’ll join us!

You can also find a much larger list of OOI and ocean observatory related talks, posters, and workshops on the OOI at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 page.  And the OOI will be at booth #210 on the exhibit floor, where you can ask questions and participate in daily data demonstrations.  I’m sure you’ll find some fellow Data Labs community members there too!

*This page was updated on Feb 27 to add talks and posters.

Town Halls

Time Location Title
Tuesday, February 20
12:45 – 13:45
Room 220-222 TH23L – Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) Town Hall
Visit the OOIFB website for the Town Hall Agenda and Presentations


Session:ED44C – Ocean Observations: Sharing Best Practices, Standards, and Lessons Learned for Advancing Ocean Science and Translating Large Data Sets into Educational Settings I Poster
Time: Thursday, 22 February 2024, 16:00 – 18:00
Location: Poster Hall

Presenter Title
Mikelle Nuwer Board 0217: Teaching Environmental Justice Using OOI Datasets: Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Shellfish and the Communities That Rely on Them in the Pacific Northwest
abstract | poster pdf
Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert Board 0218: The OOI Data Lab Manual: Using large ocean observatory data to improve data literacy in multi-modal undergraduate courses
abstract | poster pdf
Denise Bristol Board 0219: A Scaffolded Approach to Data Literacy Skills in 2YC Students using Authentic Data from OOI and other Sources
abstract | poster pdf
Melissa Hicks Board 0220: Engaging Introductory Oceanography Students with Real Data in the Classroom and Online: OOI Data Exploration and Data Labs
abstract | poster pdf
Josh T Kohut Board 0221: Workforce Development Supporting the Blue Economy: Undergraduate Research in the Classroom
abstract | poster pdf
Alexander Wurm Board 0222: An Introductory Oceanography lab sequence implementing a combination of OOI Data Labs and basic lab science experiments
abstract | poster pdf


Session: ED51A – Ocean Observations: Sharing Best Practices, Standards, and Lessons Learned for Advancing Ocean Science and Translating Large Data Sets into Educational Settings II Oral
Time: Friday, 23 February 2024, 08:30 – 10:00
Location: Room 208-209

Time Presenter Title
08:34 C. Sage Lichtenwalner ED51A-01 Reflections from the OOI Data Labs Community of Practice
abstract | presentation ppt
08:43 Gabriela W. Smalley ED51A-02 Using interactive OOI data visualizations to improve data literacy and scientific reasoning skills in undergraduate students
abstract | presentation pdf
08:52 Claire Condie ED51A-03 Research Shows OOI Data Lab Activities Enhance Student Success
abstract | presentation pdf
09:01 Hilary I. Palevsky ED51A-04 Using Oceanographic Mooring and Satellite Datasets to Teach Data Analysis and Scientific Computing Skills for Undergraduate Students
abstract | presentation pdf
09:19 Matthew J. Oliver ED51A-06 Video-based pair programming increases students’ ability to visualize geoscience datasets
abstract | presentation pdf

OOI Data Labs Workshop

The OOI Data Labs team also hosted a workshop for faculty interested in incorporating OOI datasets and resources into their courses.  Please visit our OSM24 Data Labs Workshop page for additional information.

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