OOI Data Labs 2.0!

It’s official!  You may have seen the news on the newly redesigned OOI website (which is looking great!), or the recent article on our site: Undergraduates Discover New Ways of Exploring the Ocean… with Data.

But in case you missed those, we’re happy to announce, the OOI Data Labs project has been renewed!

Well, technically, it’s a new project, but our key goals remain the same:

  • Continue to build the community of professors interested in using OOI data with their undergraduate students.
  • Work with the community to develop new educational resources that make OOI data more accessible to educators and their students.

Over the next two years, we will host four workshops to bring faculty together to achieve these goals.  And with your help, we will continue to grow and share the collection of resources on the OOI Data Labs site.

As educators who are already engaged in the OOI Data Labs community, we thank you for staying involved and supporting your students’ development in learning how to interpret real-world ocean data, which we all know is far from easy to do.

We also hope you will help us spread the word to new faculty who might be interested in joining in on the fun.  You can start by sharing the workshop info above.

We look forward to catching up with all of you soon!

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