OOI Data Labs – Data Lab Notebook Workshop

Chauncey Conference Center, Princeton, NJ
January 6-9, 2020

At this workshop, participants will help design and develop an open source, online laboratory manual that utilizes the OOI Data Labs activities that could be used in a typical Introduction to Oceanography course. The OOI Data Lab Manual will have a scope and sequence that matches a general introductory oceanography textbook, covering topics in physical, biological, chemical, and geological oceanography.  We envision that the manual will follow the example of the Crosswalk of OOI Data to Augment Concepts from ​The Essentials of Oceanography (Trujillo & Thurman, 12th Ed., 2017) presented during the previous OOI Data Labs Development workshops.

Workshop Goals

  • Use expertise of participants (both content and pedagogy) to develop online laboratory notebook to complement intro to oceanography (like) courses.
  • Lab notebook should be “accessible” and “usable”
    • Including information on instruments, research context, and support for building data skills.
    • Differentiation for lower and upper level classes.
  • Activities should include proper scaffolding to help students use the data widgets. This will also help “teach the teachers” to enable them to use data in their courses.
    • Perhaps content developed for notebook can also help back-fill science content in the Data Explorations.
  • Agenda

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    Coming Soon