Textbook Crosswalk

Essentials of Oceanography 12th Edition

OOI Data Nuggets represent a curated collection of OOI datasets, ready for use in educational activities. In order to facilitate their integration into an introductory college course, nuggets have been thematically mapped to sections of a common Introduction to Oceanography Textbook – Essentials of Oceanography 12th Edition (Trujillo and Thurman, 2017).

The below interactive series of tables represents that mapping or “crosswalk” between sections of the textbook, OOI Arrays, and OOI Data Nuggets. Note that only textbook sections that align with one or more OOI Array have been included in this table. The four connected tables can be navigated between using the tabs at the top allowing you to view the content organized by textbook section, nugget, array, or textbook chapter. Within each table, options are available to search, filter, group, and sort entries. Additionally, hovering over a row will illuminate arrows on the left side that can be used to expand the entry, or selecting any highlighted text (for example in the Arrays or Nuggets column) will bring up information specific to that element.

Happy Exploring!