Air and seawater temperatures along with salinity at the Pioneer Central Surface Mooring (CP01CNSM) for 2019 and early 2020.

Data requests the easy way with the OOI API

Welcome back to Python Tuesday! The OOI dataset is not exactly the easiest dataset to work with. But a significant reason for this is that the dataset contains over a thousand individual instruments in the system and 36 different instrument…
Seasonal cycle of sea surface temperatures at NDBC Station 44025 in the Mid-Atlantic

Seasonal Cycle and Anomaly at NDBC 44025

The Mid Atlantic has one of the largest summer to winter changes of sea surface temperature in the world. But you don't have to take my word for this, we can use real data to see how large the change is! In last week's example notebook,…

Modeling Seasonal Data

Welcome to Python P-Tuesday! In this new series of posts, I hope to bring you a number of Python examples that can help you and your students learn some of the ins-and-outs of using Python for Oceanographic data analysis, especially when…
OSM20 Data Lab Workshop table group

March 2020 Community News

In this issue: Spring Webinars - Register Now Ocean Sciences 2020 - Recap and Resources New Video: Data as a Tool Implementation Stipends Available OOI Data Labs+ Webinar Spring Series Continues We hope you have benefited…
Participants at our 2020 Ocean Sciences Data Labs workshop.

Ocean Sciences 2020 Recap

Last week, the Data Labs team and many members of our growing community attended the 2020 Ocean Sciences meeting in San Diego. If you haven’t had a chance to go, Ocean Sciences is a meeting that's jam packed with thousands of science…
Ocean Sciences 2020 Logo

Ocean Sciences 2020

Will you be attending Ocean Sciences in San Diego this year? If so, we hope you'll check out the following talks and posters by OOI Data Labs community members. All of these feature Data Explorations developed as part of the Data Labs project,…
January 2020 Data Labs Notebook Workshop Participants

February 2020 Community Newsletter

In this issue: Spring Webinars Begin February 6th Ocean Sciences Meeting - Workshop and Session Updates OOI Data Labs Online Lab Manual in development OOI Data Labs+ Webinars: Spring Series begins on February 6th Our 2019-2020…
Data Lab workshop participants at Western Washington University.

December 2019 Community Newsletter

Ocean Sciences Workshop Announced Data Labs: Using OOI Data to Engage Students in Oceanography Sunday, February 16, 2020 8:30am - 4:00pm We will be at Ocean Sciences 2020 in San Diego to present another NSF-sponsored workshop on the…
Picture snapshots from the discrete vs. continuous activity.

Discrete vs. Continuous Data

There are two key benefits of ocean serving systems: they collect data over long time periods, and in high-resolution. Many oceanographic experiments rely on a single cruise or mooring deployment. But when a location is designated as part…
July workshop participants use a bright window to compare multiple graphs on top of each other

August 2019 Community Newsletter

Here's a quick snapshot of what's in this Data Labs project update: Updates from our June & July Workshops New Data Explorations in Development Ocean Sciences 2020 - Call for Abstracts Project EDDIE Module Development Workshop Updates…
Data from May 2019 at the Pioneer Central Inshore Profiler Mooring

Caution… Real Data Ahead!

I love diving into data and discovering new things about the ocean, and we've been doing quite a bit of that lately*. But one of the things that really amazes me about the OOI dataset, is that you don’t have to dig far to find some…
The Rutgers University Inn patio

May 2019 Community Newsletter

Next Up: Our June OOI Data Lab Workshop We’re excited about our next Data Lab Development workshop starting on June 1st, here on our “home campus” in New Brunswick, NJ. Ten professors, representing community colleges, primary undergraduate…